Too many tabs in the browser?

Hotreader – expansion and mobile site for concentration on the current task.

Automatically lulls unused browser tabs, allows them to open on other devices.


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Extension properties

  • In one click!

    The simplest extension to remember interesting sites. Reduces power consumption and noise levels, as well frees memory.

  • No hands :)

    Tab goes into sleep mode if you do not open a long time, automatically. With Hot Reader you will never lose the open sites slack system ..

  • Down with trees!

    Ask your keywords saved tabs. Filter by tags saved sites, look for them to be very comfortable.

  • Mobile version

    Your frozen, stored and open tabs are always available on another device. Whether it’s a mobile phone or another browser.

  • Search for duplicate

    The search function and close duplicate tabs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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